2 Valleys Stage has a new Program Director

Meet Samantha "Sam" Arroyo.
Photo by Betty Vanderwielen, Pathfinder
To learn more about Sam read the Seeley Swan Pathfinder article.

2019-20 season tickets can be purchased on-line. The price is $45 for seniors and $50 for adults. Visit the 2 Valleys Stage page to learn more.



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is back, starting on
Saturday, October 5th.
John Taliaferro's book
A biography of George Bird Grinnell

Join in 7 P.M. at the Grizzly Claw Trading Company in Seeley Lake.
To learn more about this year's authors or to find other good reads, check out the
Open Book Club page.

Autumn Event

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Tour of the Arts page.

If you're a painter consider these opportunities which take place throughout the year. A two day workshop event
which often takes place
twice a year.

To learn more visit the
Painting for a Dream page.

events take place
several times throughout the year.

Visit the Uncorked and Creative
page to learn more about this event.


Uncorked and Creative Painting Classes

Come paint a truck full of flowers!

Friday, June 28, 2019  from 6-8 P.M. at Kris Gullikson's studio (map below).

This is  the perfect time to try a new hobby or pick up a skill for a lifetime!  This watercolors class is a 2 hour session with step by step instructions.


The cost is $35. All supplies are provided.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage)

Register in advance by emailing Kris at krisgullikson@gmail.com and she will then make arrangements for payment.

Or call 406-241-1209 and Kris can answer any questions you might have about this event.


Directions to Kris Gullikson's studio



The most recent Uncorked and Creative class was the Friday before Memorial Day. The event served as a fundraiser for AAI's Youth Grant and Art Senior Scholarship Fund and took place in conjunction with the Painting for A Dream - Resident Art Workshop.




Last February, participants worked on
creating this Valentine's themed,
"Falling for You" painting in acrylics

Creating the painting as perhaps a gift for their sweetie, a friend or just for the fun of it.  The painting is an 8x20" vertical format.

The 2 hour class provided step by step instructions with all supplies provided.

The cost was $40 per person.
For information on the next painting event contact Kris Gullikson
krisgullikson@gmail.com or call 406-241-1209


Uncorked and Creative painting events are held at various times throughout the year.

 This past January, a group of painters worked on Winter Moon.

Please take a moment and to scroll down this
page to see a few pictures from the event.


Previously, in September, a watercolor class was held at Rich Ranch in conjunction with the Painting for A Dream - Resident Art Workshop.*

This was a fundraiser for the Rich Ranch Student ART scholarship, which serves 5 local schools. All proceeds went to this effort.

During this class, Kris Gullkson provided instruction for painting with watercolors, creating a landscape with an animal (participant's choice) in the foreground. This sample has a moose.

Kris has 40 years of painting and graphic arts experience. She is a graduate of Colorado Institute of Art in Advertising Design. She is a 10 year member of Alpine Artisans and loves to share creative moments with others. Join her in her studio or out in the community to paint this winter for Uncorked and Creative! Novices are welcome! All supplies are provided.
She will again teach at Painting for a Dream over Memorial Day when AAI hosts Painting for a Dream.

"Art, Undeniably, is conductive to happiness."


*See AAI's Painting for a Dream  website page and check out the AAI Facebook page for future workshops which are held each spring and autumn.


Recent Uncorked and Creative Classes

January 2019 Class


A Prior Class




Private Studio Workshops - Offered Periodically

Payment is direct (and in advance) to Kris Gullikson.

Reservations by phone at (406) 241-1209. Youth welcome if accompanied by an adult. STUDIO only.

See Facebook page for Uncorked Painting Classes



A few more images from past events